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Jana Lynn Shellman
Author of
The Wish Factory

Welcome to my online Wish Factory! I'm Jana Lynn Shellman, an author with varied interests... who can help you improve your life through “synchronicity” and teach you how to make your wishes come true.

The tools I offer here are...

I wrote the screenplay The Wish Factory, because I believe my life path is to reach and teach the unenlightened they are responsible for where they find themselves. The screenplay might be the best way to reach the most people.

I invented Synchronicity Cards because I used to see my grandmother open the Bible, close her eyes, run her finger down the page and say, “This is what God wants me to know today.” The purpose of these cards is to guide you toward a more positive way of thinking, to help you continue your adventure toward fulfilling your wishes, hopes and dreams, and having a good life.

The Shawnee Dictionary is a compilation of language passed down in my family and language given to me by other members of our sept. I also found a lot of Shawnee language on the internet. It was a joy to accomplish this task, knowing I was helping preserve part of a beautiful culture.

For more resources, check out my online writing course on creating fictional characters. Learn how to make your characters live and breathe. Write such full characters that their little arms and legs stick out when you try to close the book!

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