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I can just hear you now!

"Okay, Now what's this person selling?"
"How much is it?"
"Why should I believe they can help me?"
"What's It Gonna Do For Me?"

Wow!! Do I have the Answers!!

What I'm Selling:

1. Happiness
2. Love
3. Prosperity
4. Good Health

How Much Is It:

The cost of the Winning at Wishing program E-book is $19.95 (click here to buy), and you'll also get weekly newsletters to keep you on track toward a better life. (To sign up for the newsletter, click here: jana@thewishfactory.com. Just enter "subscribe" on the subject line.)

The cost of the hard copy Wish Factory book is usually $12.95 BUT, FOR A LIMITED TIME OFFER PRICE OF $10.00 including Shipping and Handling (click here to buy).

The cost of the new Wish Factory E-book is $19.95 (click here to buy).

An E-Book
(Click here to order.)

The cost of the new follow-up sequel Winning at Wishing E-book is $19.95 (click here to buy).

But the big question you ought to be asking rather than "how much is it?" is "What is the REAL value I'm going to get out of this?" The REAL value is to see your life going in the direction you want it to go. The REAL value is having control over your life, and not having to believe you are powerless to change your life. This isn't some complicated formula you won't be able to follow. This is a SIMPLE formula you can put into use right away. It's simple and easy. What is the value you place on a new, exciting, happy, prosperous life?

Who Says this Can Help?

Our books have been described by Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, as books that are "brilliant, simple, straightforward, and move you into Right Action--Right Now!!"

Mark and his co-author, Jack Canfield, actually list The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True written by yours truly, as a reference in their book The Aladdin Factor.

Women's Press Club of Indiana awarded First Prize in Inspirational Works to The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True.

An Expert on Wishing and Positive Thinking:

Jana Shellman is an expert on positive thinking and on wishing, having studied all of the aspects of the power of the mind to direct the life of its owner. Jana has studied all of the Masters, and believes her life path is to reach and teach the ordinary man/woman/child they are in charge of the way their lives evolve.

They are able to decide what they want, make a map for their lives, and take the simple steps necessary to get what they want for their own lives.

They can do away with feeling as if their lives are ruled by others, or that they have no promise of a better life.

These books offer a simple, straight-forward path to be followed. All you have to do to change your life is to take the first step and order the book.

If you order the hard copy, you will get it at a price of $10.00 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. (Click here to buy.)

Or the new expanded E-book version of The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True for $19.95 (click here to buy), and/or the Winning at Wishing program for $19.95 (click here to buy).

And then there are all of these comments made by readers who bought the hard copy of the The Wish Factory: How to Make Wishes Come True on Amazon.com:

The Wish Factory moves one into right action right now!

My vision for The Wish Factory is an everlasting concept for anyone's personal belief system. I read this book as a Christmas gift to my son. It was one of the few gifts exchanged; we were bankrupt on Wall street, living off broadway and I was given the last rough draft to read. The Wish Factory gave us the gift of hope with a new belief system. After that, I was fortunate to become acquainted with the author, Jana Shellman, who is more creative than anyone I know on this planet! I would like to support the Wish Factory by saying that "everyone is missing out on their own opportunity in life, without knowing about this book"! I see this book selling everywhere, and I see every word Jana Shellman writes, selling globally. All Blessings and Success.; May all your wishes come true Jana!

Purely Positive Prose Sparkling With Possibilities

This little big book THE WISH FACTORY by Jana Lynn Shellman offers the reader a simple, honest approach to making and keeping our lives positive and filled with possibilities. The message she has is beaming with hope, and is delivered with enthusiasm and that "personal touch". The book has two parts. Ms. Shellman begins with a most delightful story about a child who learns what to do with thoughts called "hopes" and "wishes". This story carries a powerful lesson of faith, reinforced by the art of positive thinking. It is the kind of story that could be surprisingly enlightening for anyone of any age. The second part is an instruction book that addresses life's personal issues such as "happiness" and "success". The author shares her insights and gives practical suggestions on how to manage these areas in a personal way. The Wish Factory could be enjoyed by and useful to anyone, regardless of affiliation, and especially invaluable to those unaware of our heavenly connection.


The Wish Factory is age free. This story/instruction book shows us that no matter how hopeless a situation looks, we must remember that we are not alone and if we keep communication going with our Creator [and don't forget to listen], we will be given the answer that's right for us. I applaud the author on this book and look forward to more of her work.

This little book packs a lot of punch!

The subject matter is at once intriguing...who would not want their wishes all to come true. The story is delightful and shows us how we defeat our wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers by "undoing" them almost immediately! The story tells us, without preaching, what we need to do to correct this problem in our own lives. I think this book would be good for anyone to read, and if they didn't come away with tips for living their own lives in a more positive fashion, then they have not learned to make the right choices! Once again, a delightful book, which ought to be on everyone's bookshelf alongside the classical positive thinkers, such as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Robert Schuller to name just a couple.

A book of positive spiritual guidance told so the child in each of us enjoys

I got this book today, and eagerly sat down with my 8 yr old to read it. I wasn't disappointed, because it has the type of positive spiritual messages and affirmations that I want to bring my child up to believe in, without negative influences like so many of us endured during our own childhoods. This story chronicles the journey of a little boy to The Wish Factory, a magical place with angels and elves who help him understand how to make a prayer or wish "stick," and how NOT to un-wish the wish/prayer with negative thoughts. A book for all ages; inspiring and upbeat. I sent my child to bed with visions of angels and wishes coming true... what more could a mom ask for from a book, but this book isn't just for children. It will inspire children from two to one hundred two to reawaken the power of belief in their lives. This book is for everyone!

You can buy a hard copy of the book by clicking here. Or you can purchase and download the new revised E-book edition of The Wish Factory by clicking here.

Do you want any of these things? Or is your life flawless? If so, we can't offer you anything more than you already have. However, if there are areas of your life that need an adjustment, or you seem to lack motivation or direction in your move toward success in any of these areas, or you have habits which are counter-productive to your success in any of these areas, or you find yourself refusing to take responsibility for your own actions, we can offer you a unique books from which you can learn practical techniques for applying Right Thinking to your life.

1. Happiness
2. Love
3. Prosperity
4. Good Health

There's no reason why you shouldn't have any or all of these things in your life. But there is a reason why you don't. Reading The Wish Factory to yourself, or to yourself and your children, will open up new ideas for getting ahead in your life, for correcting the path you are on. Reading Winning at Wishing in private or to your children, will open up vistas of thought that will change your life for the better.

What's more our books teach without preaching. The Wish Factory actually teaches you by telling a delightful story that is loved by “children” from two to 102!!! After you've read the story in The Wish Factory, you will delight in the follow-up book, Winning at Wishing.

Oftentimes we bring our personal problems to our lives, causing power-robbing disruptions and obstructions that translate into wishes that never become goals.

Our books have been described by Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, as a books that are "brilliant, simple, straightforward, and move you into Right Action--Right Now!!"

We have refined our books to provide you with Thinking Skills for the 21st Century. We teach that thoughts, good or bad, have a profound influence on our lives and where we find ourselves. We teach one to turn idle wishes, hopes, and dreams into goals, and to build goals into reality.

You will learn to deal more effectively with every day challenges. You will learn to deal effectively with others. You will learn proven techniques for instilling harmony into your professional and personal life.

This book can be a boost to your life if you already know the art of goal setting. It can recharge your batteries if you are aware of the importance of having good thoughts and leading good lives in order to experience good. Most importantly, it can turn a "diamond in the rough" individual into a superior member of society.

Success is not a matter of luck. Success comes as a result of planning and goal setting. Make your immediate goal your education in positive goal enforcement.

An E-Book
(Click here to order.)



Here's the original Instruction Book that will teach you how to make your wishes come true in all of these areas.

Not only are you granted herewith unlimited wishes come true for the rest of your life, but you are also given the words to use to attain them. This little booklet is filled with positive affirmations wherein you can turn your hopes, dreams, wishes and prayers into the real things! If you follow the instructions you can have all of these things for yourself. You were never meant to be without them! It is a companion to the E-Book, The Wish Factory above. (To order, simply click here.)