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I have magnified the story in the original Wish Factory by writing a screenplay for an animated feature film.

The animated story is of a little boy named JR who is taken to the Wish Factory by his Teddy Bear, Threadbare Fred Bear.

While there they find The Wish Factory is a place where all the wishes in the world are sent to be made manifest. Elves man computer stations monitoring all of the wishes that come in. JR and his new friends take excursions with Guardian Angels to see wishes coming true.

On the second floor of the Wish Factory is where Dreams are monitored so they can Come True, and the third floor is occupied by The Boss, where the Guardian Angels mysteriously report in, and then dash out again to make the really big hopes, dreams, wishes and prayers become reality.

I believe my life path is to reach and teach the unenlightened they are responsible for where they find themselves. I believe The Wish Factory Movie would lead these people in the right direction.

If you are interested in seeing this movie become a reality, please contact The Wish Factory, Inc., 318 W. Leith Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807-1439, or send an email to jana@thewishfactory.com.

Those with the means or connections to make this movie a reality should also make contact. A copy of the screenplay will be forwarded to anyone presenting a request by USPS with a written request on production or agency letterhead. Please email if you have any questions. Thank you.